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Are you familiar with the awkwardness of just lying there in the dark, cold room staring at the ceiling or looking at the screen and having no idea what you are looking at while getting your ultrasound done?  Well, you are not alone! 


The truth is the purpose of a medical ultrasound is to make sure that your baby is healthy in utero and screen for any abnormalities. For this reason, mom and dad usually don't get to see the baby as much because the tech has to spend most of the time screening the baby for medical reasons, which is very important for a healthy prenatal care. Parents often wait in silence for an hour wondering what they are seeing. At the end, if lucky, they will get sent home with a picture or two of the baby’s profile or a hand/foot.

Pregnancy is such a special experience and I strongly feel that all moms and dads (and the whole family!) should be able to experience the special bond with their babies even before they come to this world. This is why, I started Reveal On Wheels with the hope of giving more families this special joyful experience from the comfort of their home.

Let me help you create precious memories during your pregnancy 


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About Me
Nicki | Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Hello mamas! Welcome to my page and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!

Let me introduce myself: 

My name is Nicki and I am a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) AKA an ultrasound tech. I am also a first time mom to a baby girl who was born during the beginning of this on going pandemic. After several years of working at both outpatient clinic and busy hospital settings including MFM (high risk pregnancies), on top of being a pregnant patient myself;

I saw that expectant moms don’t get the care and attention they deserve during their ultrasound visits. For this reason, I gathered my passion for obstetrics ultrasound and decided to open Reveal On Wheels - a MOBILE ultrasound business where expectant moms and their family can enjoy the bonding experience with their baby from the comfort of their homes



5D Ultrasound for Pregnancy At Home | Fairfax USA

Just had my ultrasound with Nicki and it was a wonderful experience. My OB does not offer 3D imaging and with a toddler, it is difficult to get out of the house. She came and did the ultrasound from the comfort of my living room and provided me photos and videos that I never thought I’d have so late in my pregnancy (32 weeks)! She was compassionate, thoughtful, meticulous, and laid out expectations very clearly. Thanks to Nicki, I have 3D images of my future son that I will cherish forever!”

- Judy

Best Home Ultrasound | Mobile Ultrasound Technician

Nicki was very personable. She kept in touch with me while we agreed on a date for her to come to my home and do the ultrasound. She kept checking in with me every week leading to our appointment to confirm. She arrived on time and was able to set up her workstation quickly. We spent a good amount of time looking at the baby and Nicki kindly pointed out everything on the ultrasound and let us listen to the heartbeat. We got electronic copies of the pictures and sounds as a keepsake. It was a wonderful experience since I got to see my little girl and feel reassured, she’s doing okay. I really appreciated Nicki’s service because I could do everything in the comfort of my own home. Thank you!

- Evelyn

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