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Hello Mama! Welcome to my page and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!

     Hello, I'm Michelle, a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) with experience in the field of maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) and OB/Gyn. 

     It began as an idea in 2018, after finishing the DMS program, to start a customized ultrasound service for pregnant patients. Seeing as there is not much time spent to look at the baby, since a doctor's appointment is focused on the health and condition of the fetus, which is very important to have during a woman’s pregnancy. 

   But it will take another five years of personal and financial struggles, before this idea is made into a reality. Then came the pandemic, thus making clinical visits restrictive as family members cannot accompany moms to their appointments, making it more challenging to see the baby. 

   The opportunity finally came when I met Nicki (from VA) and decided to purchase Reveal On Wheels - a MOBILE ultrasound business from her, bringing the company here in CA. This elective service has carved a spot for itself, allowing expectant mothers and their families to enjoy a more personalized bonding experience with their baby in a relaxed environment, such as their home. My goal is not only to provide high-quality ultrasound imaging, but also make a positive impact on the pregnancy journey of many families in our community.

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