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5D Ultrasound for Pregnancy At Home | Fairfax USA

Thank You!

Loved my experience with Michelle! I enjoyed seeing my little one at a more relaxed pace and in a comfortable space. Michelle was wonderful with the whole experience. Loved seeing my little one close up and even in 3D. I was thankful to have printouts and a copy of the images in a digital form. Highly recommend this beautiful experience with Michelle!

-Alejandra M

Best Home Ultrasound | Mobile Ultrasound Technician

Thank You Michelle!

We were so happy to actually be able to see our little one (our first) without feeling rushed coz there are other patients to see. I am 16 weeks but he/she is not a peanut anymore, so cute!!! Got to hear baby's heartbeat, measurements are close to OB's, and to see baby "dance" onscreen. So glad we made it to her promo period, but we'll surely contact Michelle again once baby gets more 'meaty' lol, to see baby's face more. Held off on knowing the gender, till her next visit. Michelle was so kind and courteous, answering all my questions, and so approachable. Got some souvenir prints, and all our sessions got emailed by next day. See you again soon, Michelle!

-Trisha M.


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